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Intuitive and Accurate Guidance System 

Devices Features

AcuSee guidance system assists ultrasound-guided instrumentation by visualizing and displaying trajectory and orientation of instrument in ultrasound image. It can reduce difficulty, improve accuracy and shorten learning curve ultrasound-guided procedures. 

  • High Accuracy: localize instrument at 2mm accuracy

  • Multi-modality: display text and visualized instrument trajectory and offset 

  • Compatibility: work with existing ultrasound systems and transducers 

  • Ease-of-Use: one-key start, touchscreen, quick-release accessories

Indications for Use

The AcuSee system is indicated for augmenting the ultrasonic image of an interventional needle or needle-like rigid device, such as a biopsy needle, an aspiration needle, or ablation needle, and for predicting its future path on a display, which also shows the image of a B-scan (or similar display) of a medical ultrasound imaging system. The device is intended to be used in procedures where ultrasound is currently used for visualization. The AcuSee system is intended to be used in a clinical setting.


◦ Interventional Radiology  ◦ Urology  ◦ Anesthesiology

◦ Pain Management  ◦ Oncology  ◦ Orthopedics

Intended Procedures

◦ Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy  ◦ Biopsies  ◦ Ablation  ◦ Epidurals

◦ Pain Injections  ◦ Nerve Blocks  ◦ Brachytherapy

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